Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Catholic Architecture

I'm pleased to announce that Catholic Truth Society has just released the booklet "Catholic Architecture" which I wrote for them as part of their "Deeper Christianity Series".

Catholic Architecture is intended to help both the lay Catholic and the interested inquirer understand how the church building "works" to support both the sacramental symbolism of the Church as well as the way that we are called to a true "active participation" in the liturgy.

Chapter Outline: 
What is Sacred Space?
Why Build a Church?
Sign, Symbol and Sacrament
Symbolism in the Old Testament
Symbolism in the New Testament
Church Architecture as a Sacramental Sign
The Image of the Body of Christ
The Images of the Tent and Temple
The Meaning of the Tent and Temple
The Images of the City
The Tent, Temple, and City in Early Christian Imagery
Body, Temple, City: What These Have in Common
The Church's Vision for Church Architecture
The booklet is well priced (about $3.25) and should be of great help to any pastor, building committee member, or architect engaged in a Catholic church project understand the Church's vision for how we should think about church design. 

You can order Catholic Architecture direct from Catholic Truth Society, or look for a copy on the pamphlet rack at your local parish.

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