Tuesday, April 16, 2013


In solidarity with those harmed and killed in Boston at the Marathon, runjunkees has a virtual event to show support.

This is not a paid or fund raising thing -- its a virtual event -- just print off one of the bibs, and run or walk. From the Runners Unite to Remember Facebook page:
This is a virtual run event, which means you can run (or walk) any distance, anywhere and at anytime. It is intended to both honor the victims as well as display an act of unity and solidarity in the running community. This was an event dreamed up by fellow Runners and you are welcome to invite anyone to join. THIS IS NOT A FUND RAISER. PLEASE be careful of scams (already) of people claiming to be raising money. A special thanks to TJ from VO2 the MAX for creating the "race" bib. Once you've completed your unity run you are welcome to post a picture to the RunJunkEes facebook page (please do not email pictures). Other runners are suggesting to wear a race shirt as well, so if you have one and you'd like to do so that would be great.

The bibs are here in black and white and purple

Just Do It.

Walk around the block if that's all you can do. 

Just Do It. 

And say a prayer for those harmed or killed.

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