Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Catholic Photographer

While touring Guardian Angels Cathedral in Las Vegas, I noticed another man earnestly photographing the church.  I approached him and struck up a conversation, asking him what he thought of the building, and of his general interest in sacred architecture.

It was thus providential that I met Mr.  Bob Mullen , a freelance photographer from Vernon CT, who also happened to be visiting Las Vegas.

Bob told me a wonderful story of how at a career juncture in his life, he took a 40 day pilgrimage driving across the United States and back, each day visiting another cathedral church for prayer, Mass, contemplation, and photography.   We spoke at length about our common faith, our respective life's journeys, of the richness of Catholic culture and world view, and of our love for church architecture and sacred art. 

The recognition of a friendship and brotherhood in Christ was immediate, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have met Bob.  A deep soul with an eye for beauty.

Please visit his website at to see his art.  You can see the way in which he captured Guardian Angels Cathedral at this link.

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